FAA Twin Falls

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Scope: Renovation of a 90’ tall air traffic control tower, built in the 1960’s, and construction of a new, pre-fabricated administrative building of 1,100 SF on the airport base in Twin Falls. Renovation included all systems, national level security, lightning control, control tower panels, and exterior roof and window systems to meet all national FAA standards.

Schedule: Design was completed in two phases, following a program adjustment by the FAA, to use pre-fabricated buildings as the basis for the design of the Administrative Building. The second design phase was completed on schedule within 8 months, from July 2006 to March 2007, which included three lengthy and strenuous national reviews periods by the FAA. The project was completed in March of 2009.

Budget: The project budget under the second phase, created in 2004, was approximately $1.1 million and, following Federal Appropriations, it was hard bid out in March 2008. Bids received back came in from DMS of Salt Lake City for $1,213,007.92. Construction proceeded immediately.