Marian Chapel


The light is the single device used to convey the spatial intention. As a smaller space within the whole of the cathedral, the immediate darkness of the space relative to the cathedral is the initial impact. Immediately, however, upon crossing the threshold of the chapel one is enveloped in a flied of light very different from the quality of lighting directly outside the space. The field of light hovers directly around the figure entering, arcing out from the walls, creating a halo of light above one, swelling in at the undulating handrail.

E.J Potente, Sr. Liturgical Design Competition, Grand Prize Award, awarded by the National Liturgical Conference, for the St. James Cathedral.
AIA Northwest and Pacific Region Design Award for Merit, for St. James Cathedral.
AIA National Religious Art and Architecture Design Award, The Marian Chapel.
AIA Seattle Honor Awards for Washington: Award of Merit, St. James Cathedral.
National Trust for Historic Preservation: National Preservation Honor Award, St. James Cathedral.
Washington Trust for Historic Preservation: Preservation of Historic Resources Award, St. James Cathedral.
AIA Religious Art and Architecture Design Award, St. James Cathedral
Interiors Magazine Public Spaces Honorable Mention Award., St. James Cathedral

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