Mary Queen of Peace

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Originally built in 1990 in Sammamish, WA, the existing Mary Queen of Peace sanctuary is an expansive space of heavy glulam wood construction supported by sturdy concrete block walls. The existing tabernacle was in an iso¬lated chapel, too far from the altar to be used during church services, not adhering to Canon law, which calls for the tabernacle to be located in a space used for public worship. The new design relocated the existing tabernacle and creates a revered space for it behind the altar. In keeping with the typology of traditional rood screens, the contemporary tri-part metal rood screen veils the tabernacle and storage spaces beyond, and creates a powerful visual focus behind the altar. Positioned vertically, it breaks the horizontal repetition of the concrete block, provid¬ing a strong warm light for the eye to rest upon. While the warm bronze color of the screens reflects the warmth of the wood, the metallic texture calls to the tabernacle beyond, catching the abundant light from above and focus¬ing parishioner’s attention on the altar. Lastly, the existing cross was removed and a new crucifix was suspended from the existing structure in front of the screen and tabernacle. On a very low budget of approximately $95,000, including the carved crucifix, the renovation completed construction in June, 2015

2015 Faith and Form Award, Religious Arts: Visual Art Category